Wednesday, 25 February 2015



The university of Nairobi is known for a number of things in history but not when they mourn their hero. Today, Wednesday 25th of February 2015, all roads within and without The University premises will be closed as from 6.00a.m. Union Boss Babu Owino will be the commander in chief in all the operations and the whole nation if not world will remember this in the foreseeable future.

We request that Hon Nkaisery to choose his best boys and we'll come with fearless comrades. We direct the members of the public to keep off the roads surrounding the University.

Comrades you all know that on Saturday 21, February 2015 one of us, The late Washington Mwangi alias Vyte/vite/vaite, was knocked on The University Way by a speeding bus at around noon and the driver sublimed. He was taken to KNH( Kenyatta National Hospital), he never received proper medical attention and succumbed today afternoon due to what a number of comrades termed us NEGLIGENCE.
Negligence! Negligence! Negligence!.. Negligence amongst KNH Doctors, Negligence among The University chief Medical officer and the KNH Doctors. Comrades, Negligence! Negligence! Is what made our fellow student succumbed.
But who was the late Vyte?
• His real name was Washington Mwangi alias Vyte
• He was studying pure mathematics in UoN Chiromo Campus
• He was a senior student.
• He was a member of SoNU secretariat up to his time of demise. He was a politician, a veteran and one of the most feared aspirant in the forthcoming SONU elections.
• He fought many wars and knew no tribe. His tribe was comradeship.
Comrades for how long shall we keep quiet?? These atrocities must end in our time.
On the other hand, Many have sent their condolences led by Union Boss, to various leaders, to students, to friends, to family and finally the administration.

Let's console with the family by typing RIP Comrade.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

KSU receives 230 computer donation from Computer Aid International

Kisii University has received 230 computer donation from a UK based organization-Computer Aid International. Computer Aid International is a UK-registered ICT for development charity which aims to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions.

Kisii University’s Vice Chancellor- Professor John Akama flanked by the DVC (Academic and Students Affairs) - Professor Maurice Amutabi, the Registrar, Research and Extension-Professor Anakalo Shitandi and other members of staff received the computers from KAWAISON international, the clearing agent that delivered the computers to Kisii University.

In his remarks, The Registrar, Research and Extension, Professor Shitandi informed members present during the short ceremony, that Computer Aid international had agreed to donate the computers to the University on the pretext that the computers will be used for academic purposes in the University. The DVC (ASA) - Professor Amutabi noted that the computers will go a long way in supporting teaching, learning and research at the University. The Vice Chancellor, Professor Akama appreciated the donation and revealed that the computers received will support the university towards achieving international standards and ensuring a suitable student computer ratio in the University. He further noted that lecturer’s should embrace online teaching since the University has the necessary technology to support online teaching.  

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Internship Oppotunity: Website design, managment and maintanace coodination.

Position:             Website and Social Media Coordinator
Location:            Digital Divide Data, 7th Floor Paramount Plaza on Globe Cinema Roundabout,                             Nairobi
Deadline:           20 February 2015
Contract:            3 Month Paid Internship, with possible extension
Hours:               20 hours per week,
Required:          Current CV and 500 word essay

Project Context:
 Image result for zusha kenya

The Zusha! National Road Safety Campaign is supported by the National Road Safety Trust and USAID, endorsed by the National Transit and Safety Authority, and administered through Georgetown University and Digital Divide Data. Zusha! aims to reduce road accidents by encouraging passengers in PSVs to speak out directly to their drivers against reckless driving. It has three main components: 1) Distribution of Zusha! safety stickers in PSVs 2) Complementary messaging through radio, billboards, social media, newspaper advertisements, editorials, and news articles and 3) National and regional stakeholder conferences to raise awareness. The campaign will launch early April and last for two-and-a-half years.

Job description
Image result for zusha kenya__________________________________________________________________________
The Website and Social Media Coordinator will promote the Zusha! Road Safety Campaign through social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the Zusha! website. He or she will be responsible for building a strong online following and presence.
Duties and Responsibilities: __________________________________________________________________________
Website Maintenance
Learn the appropriate programming to update the website weekly with relevant current events, lottery winners, and other campaign updates
Troubleshoot technical issues and identify modifications needed in existing website to meet changing user requirements.
Manage Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram pages
Provide continuous updates with new and relevant information
Facilitate weekly question and answer sessions on different platforms
Design and administer contests to encourage participation and following for the campaign
Discover, network, and promote Zusha! via social  media with relevant actors
Develop creative ways to enhance engagement and deliver information
Create a strong web presence for the Zusha! Road Safety Campaign on all platforms
Market the Zusha! brand through online platforms
Serve as a liaison and facilitator between Zusha! followers and the Zusha! management team.
Participate in meetings with the Zusha! team and attend any Zusha! related events
Report to the Project Assistant and Project Manager
Desired Skills and Experience: _________________________________________________________________________
Expert knowledge of all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+
Experience in managing and maintaining websites and social media pages
Strong coding skills in all basic coding languages
Demonstrated experience in social media promotion and outreach strategies
Initiative and Leadership skills to brainstorm and implement new ideas
Creativity in problem solving and media engagement to deliver information
Strong analytical skills
Self-motivated with the ability to prioritize and manage changing responsibilities
Proven ability to be flexible and work hard, both independently and in a team within a high-pressure environment.
Willingness to occasionally work outside of normal business hours
Excellent English and Kiswahili oral and written communication skills.
Has a degree or is currently enrolled in a computer science, information technology, or other relevant degree program. 
Qualified candidates should write 500 words single spaced describing their prior experience in managing and maintaining websites and social media pages, as well as experience promoting information and building a strong base of followers on social media.
Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications should be received no later than 20th February 2015
Emails should be forwarded at

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Babu Owino:Ghost workers earning FAT salaries from the university.

Ghost workers earning FAT salaries from the university.
Image result for babu owino
Babu owino addressing the press
It is regrettable that as the government weed out ghost workers, The University has lost millions of shillings the oldest ghost worker in the country, a Mr Wahome.
1. Little is known about this crook except that he is turning 80 on his next birthday. For now he is masquerading as the chief security officer,UoN.
Ms Kirima and Chief Security officer, Mr.Wahome
Ms Kirima and Mr.Wahome, chief security both of University of Nairobi.
2. Very meager accounts about his past work experience shows he joined the University as a night guard after a short stint as a doorman at City Mortuary back in 1969. He rose through the ranks by betraying students leader to the then special branch. As a result a number of students leaders lost lives at the torture chambers due to the callousness of Mr. Wahome.
3. He retired officially from The University in the year 2005 , then the vice chancellor Prof. Magoha hired him back due to his ruthless nature for a futher two year term. Then the circus began.
4. He has blackmailed several University top officials to remain in office illegally. Now he has started maneuvers and machinations to blackmail the new Vice Chancellor Prof. Mbithi to expell student leaders who are demanding that he return ALL salaries and allowances he had earned from the year 2007 to the University account or face prosecution.
5. As the Chairman of the umbrella students union SONU, I must protect the students money from being squandered by GHOST WORKERS who retired ages back. I have declared Mr. Wahome a persona non grata  and I appeal to comrades to treat him as enemy number one  and  to liaise with my office immediately they spot him anywhere in the university precincts.
Your Faithfully,
Babu Owino

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