Thursday, 25 September 2014

Inter faculty transfer ( UoN) university of Nairobi

Inter faculty transfer has never been this easy, Nairobi university ,which is the best university in Kenya and east Africa, has made inter faculty transfer easier unlike other university in Kenya( Kenyatta university ,jkuat, Tuk ,TuM, kisii university) where the applicant will have to write to the dean of studies a request to shift from one courses to another. The University of Nairobi Has made this simple you just need to follow the following steps and you will be done
1. First you have to identify the course you want to transfer to.
2. Makes sure you have the required cluster points for the selected courses.
3.Visit your nearest Barclays bank in Kenya and deposit 250 to the account number below
Barclays Bank of Kenya Branch to the following Account Details.
       Account Name : UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI
       Ref :  put your Student Registration Number
       Account Number : 0948245531
4. Come back to the main campus , in the educational building ground floor room no G4 (although its not a must to submit the slip )
5. Go back to the student portal and log in then click the inter faculty transfer button.
Selected your desired courses then click the confirm transfer button.
Keep checking the student portal now and then if you successfully secured a chance you will be notified and you will have to go for your letter to the head of your department or faculty.
Written and edited by
Geoffrey Nyangolo Obuya  


  1. Cool but how long does one have to wait

  2. Only for the first two weeks

  3. I need a position in education science and i dont know my cluster points

  4. I need a position in the bachelor of education(arts) and the portal is not open yet.what do we do.kindly

  5. Can one apply for the inter faculty transfer in his/ her second year in the university?


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